Our Amenities

  • We’re the only motel on the island with Direct TV Residential Experience – DRE. Broadcast in extreme clarity 1080p, you get all your sports and favorite shows as if you were home. All with anti-microbial remote controls - the dirtiest thing when you stay away from home is the remote!!! (Direct TV is an AT& T company.)

  • New carpeting, beds, and COTTON everything under Pottery Barn Duvets. After a day in Acadia, the plush comfort of our bedding will put you to sleep.

  • Hi-speed wireless. To be specific, 30 Mbps download rate (let us know if you find that anywhere else Bar Harbor). Stream and binge watch to your device. It’s fine with us. Rainy days happen. We have USB charging stations too for the uber connected.

  • Walk-In showers with tile floors. Toilet tissue you can’t see through. On-demand hot water from hi-efficiency gas furnaces which circulate constantly – no delay for hot water in any room.

  • New windows and draperies that keep the noise and the light out until you want it. (You do know Maine gets the first rays of sunshine in the US every day and is still the state closest to Africa!)

  • In-room refrigerator, microwave, coffee and state-of-the art PTAC environmental units that you can control to your liking for heat or A/C.

  • Gallagher’s Travels is illuminated inside and out solely by LEDs. We can light your room and keep our carbon footprint light at the same time. No squinting with CFLs that give you headaches and leach mercury into the environment.

  • We have a laundry. It’s a national park. [You’re supposed to get dirty or you’re just not doing it right.] You can always try the LONE laundromat left in Bar Harbor where the probability of getting an available and operational washer there in high season ranks just below winning the Powerball lottery according to 538.